Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maybe money can buy happiness..


One may want to read this article from the EU Observer regarding the EU-15 indeed reaching those Kyoto emission targets:

The 15 'old' European Union member states are on track to meeting their targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions that they signed up to under the 1997 Kyoto Agreement.
So, how did we do it? What is our secret? Greater use of technology? More nu-clear power generation? A bit of belt-tightening? More individuals walking? Thinking globally whilst acting locally?

Well, it appears ..... well, perhaps the reader should decide:

Most of the EU-15 are planning for reforestation to achieve much of their Kyoto target. However, the total amount of carbon dioxide that could be removed annually between 2008 and 2012 is relatively small (1.4 percent compared to 1990), according to the EEA, although it is somewhat higher than the projections made in 2007.

This means that the countries may have to purchase more carbon offset credits to make up the difference.
I thought most modern religious movements had done away with paying for indulgences.

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