Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tune in your dental work to their program again next week...

Why doesn’t this kook just use Pol Pot’s "year zero" Calender, instead? Here he is keeping it Raël:

«The facts: The United Nations Organization that supposedly speaks and rules impartially for all nations of the Earth, is still using the Christian calendar which is viewed as being disrespectful for all other religions of the world.»
Speaks and RULES? Impartially, at that? This dude is not clear on parliamentary bodies of debate not RULING anything, especially when they aren’t a government to begin with.
«The solution: The adoption by the UN of a non-religious calendar based on a non-religious historical event. For instance, it can be a calendar in which year 0 would either be the date the UN was founded or the date marked by the explosion of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. If the latter would be accepted, this means that 2001 (august 6th) would, in fact, be the year 56 aH (after Hiroshima).»
No political preference detected there, I guess...

His cosmic crackpipe speaks further:
«How can your own government betray your Muslim faith by accepting to ratify treaties at the UN using the Christian calendar?
Isn’t the UN clearly saying that the Christian faith has superiority over the Muslim faith? If not, why impose on Muslim governments the ratification of official UN documents using the Christian calendar?»
Did they even count the days in your funny farm where you thought that life forms are so meaningless, that you can try to make humans in a jar? Which is more likely to create a living being that will suffer with genetic problems?

Besides how could you be any LESS universal than by naming a movement AFTER YOURSELF and then thinking up goofy stunts that will draw in chumps that will only "thin the herd" with a low average intellect?

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