Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Car-beque week continues

Enfin: riots are catching to the point that the President has to dirty his hands and address it. 250 cars stoked up so far, Molotov cocktails hurled around... All in all it's a garden variety idiot-palooza with no obvious conclusion other than a government begging for a "time for healing" while trying to bust the losers hiding in nearly ungovernable suburbs.

Of course the inciters will eventually look for a social payoff of some sort after they do their inevitable crocodile tear Kabuki about having to live in awful conditions.

Although really one has to wonder, what kind of public mentality do you have when the Prime-Minister has to publicly defend the Interior minister from criticism when all he’s trying to do is give those clowns a cold shower? It's one held hostage by socialist agitators, constantly demanding tribute, and idolizing the same kind of anti-establishment violence that we see going on right now.

Where is their great concern for people's welfare now?

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