Saturday, November 05, 2005

Le Figaro says so, therefore it must be

Excerpts from Le Figaro’s article cited today in ¡ No Pasaràn!

Islam has nothing to do with the riots (sic):

Islam does not play a role in spreading disorder
Using teargas in a mosque in Clichy is shocking, but an Islamist plot is not at the root of the riots spreading.
C G. [November 05, 2005]

«Is the urban violence in the Paris area orchestrated by "certain agitators", as the deputy mayor of Raincy (Seine-Saint-Denis), Éric Raoult (UMP) affirms, evoking the spectrum of the "islamists"? Bruno Beschizza, secretary-general of Synergy, the second trade union of senior police officers said that Radical islamists who "seized themselves of this advisability to poke hatred and to cause incidental and fires".

It seems, according to general information's, that "the episode of the mosque" indeed "shocked the Muslim mainstream" and propagated a wave that radical Islamists intervened on.

Sunday evening, a teargas grenade exploded in front of a hall where Morrocans were using for Bilal prayer in Clichy-sous-bois. A police unit tried to remove a nearby car which obstructed its entrance. The police officers then would be perceived to have insulted the women, and threatened "to level the mosque". Since, accounts and rumors circulated very quickly in the vast Moslem community of the city then in the neighbors where often close relations live. The families of Moroccan origin, Oujda and Berkane, many of whom live in in Clichy, but also in Aulnay-sous-bois, in particular telephoned one another. The adults were overcome with anger: a testifies a religious person in charge for Aulnay said that people were enraged. "One insulted Islam and nobody yet showed any regret", said the irritated Mourad. "If there had been teargases in a church or a synagogue, Sarkozy would have been blamed right away."

To mark their dissatisfaction, members of the Moroccan federation (national Federation of the Moslems of France) insisted that the person in charge apologize. But they also took on the role of peacemakers, while calling with Islam, for a cessation of violence. Tuesday evening, several tens of the faithful took to the streets to tranquillize the young people, in an explicit demonstration. On their side, "the radical islamists may find it beneficial rather so that calms it returns, to act quietly", commented Alain Bauer, the national president of a delinquency-watch group. The cities of Seine-Saint-Denis where radical Islam is well established did not go up in flames.»
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