Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Silly earthlings!

To Iran's Supreme Leader, Hebe-killing is a foregone conclusion. It’s just a matter of HOW those great lovers of peace will see it through:


«"It is the resistance in Palestine which will undoubtedly lead to the fall of the 'Zionist' regime," said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a statement carried by the student-run news agency ISNA.»

[ … ]

«Khamenei retorted: "These ignorant people do not realize that nuclear weapons are no good for toppling regimes or governments. It is the nation's resistance and will that destroys corrupt regimes."»
Note the absence of the denial that they have a nuclear weapons program, and the painful suppression of their own laughter as they assert that they need the electricity so freaking badly. In fact they’re denying things that you can still see clips of on the news.

Silly rabbit! Nukes are for Europeans!

Look on the bright side. They know how to make friends easily:
«Iran is allowing more than two-dozen senior al Qaeda members to move freely in Tehran, the German monthly magazine Cicero reported.

[ … ]

The report adds that the al Qaeda members reside in houses run by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.»
Just lie back and think of mushroom clouds, my dear...

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