Saturday, November 05, 2005

All in a night's mischief

The night was rife with activity by those charming French kids. 754 vehicles burned, and 203 arrests. The violence continues to spread beyond the capital : One fourth of the vehicles were burned outisde of the Paris area in other regions of the country.

The accent by rioters is on pack-like behavior and avoiding direct confrontation with the herd (the riot police).

A pre-school was burned down in Achères as was a junior high school in Torcy. A fire truck was destroyed in Meaux. In Champigny a bus was torched after the occupants were forced to flee. A fire bomb was thrown at a police station in Saint-Denis, and in Suresnes an underground parking lot had 36 cars completely burned out. In Clamart, a ten year old was caught with a fire bomb (sounds like something that happened in Iraq) and in Boulogne police arrested a rioter who has torched 15 vehicles. Two warehouses were set alight in Aubervilliers and a Jewish synagogue was hit with a fire bomb in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. In the same city, 100 residents of an apartment building were evacuated when there underbground parking lot was torched. In Essonne, a cop was injured by thrown bricks near the housing projects at Tarterêts where a car dealership and a tire warehouse were burned down. The Saint-Michel-sur-Orge City Hall was partially burned down and another pre-school was partially destroyed in Brétigny-sur-Orge.

If just a small portion of this violence has taken place in an African country, the French preSS would be muttering about civil war. As it is happening in their own corner of the world, they are doing their best to cover up, report as little as possible, and do what they do best -- be in denial.

At this point it is safe to say that the French authorities (sic) are overwhelmed and no longer have a handle on the situation. The rioters have been stepping up the pressure to see how far they can go and they are not finding much resistance, despite increased riot police presence in hotbeds like Seine Saint Denis. The fact that the French government cabinet is rife with infighting and backbiting is certainly a great encouragement for them.

Pendant ce temps, les vieux pédes friqués qui composent cette chose inutile qui s'appelle 'blogosphère fwançaise' continuent à gloser sur Bush, les Etats-unis, le libéralisme, et j'en passe. Sur tout sauf ce qui se passe dans leur pays de merde.

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