Saturday, November 05, 2005

Shookhran for Invading Our Country

People from the northern part of Iraq say Thank you, America, and thank you, Great Britain (and shoukhran, S Russo)

Now, what the gang of professional cynics will be saying, naturally (with their usual snorts, guffaws, and scorn, and even though the website is far from being one of uncritical obeisance), is that it is all a staged event, even one reminiscent of totalitarian propaganda.

The cynicism would be more palatable, of course, if they could point to any group of Iraqis (no matter what size and no matter from what part of the country) actively thanking members of the "peace camp" for opposing the American-led war (and for, incidentally, making billions of dollars in the process of being opposed in "principle" to forcefully ousting Saddam Hussein — the man who just happened to be key beneficiary of the scam in question).

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