Wednesday, October 19, 2005

„Yes, but…” said lefty.

George Adair writes in Brussels Journal on the state of the economy of the EU and its’ member states with charts putting it in the context of the US, even though this could be largely true of much of Asia as well. The long term trend seems to be that even though it is unlikely to join it, Europe will resemble the “sick men” of the world exemplified by the near east and African continent.

S.D.F. in EUtopia.

As much discussed on blogs the media figures into the discussion as well:
«In visiting some of my favorite blogs I noticed one component was missing from my recent “dead and dying in America” series, the series should have been “dead, dying, and poor in America”. These anti-US themes are part and parcel of the mainstream media (MSM)’s core beliefs on both sides of the Atlantic, a template if you will. Dead, dying, and poor Americans fits the MSM template far better than “alive, vibrant, and prospering” Americans. But are the anti-US pronouncements by the MSM true? As it relates to the “dead and dying” portion of the anti-US template fostered and advanced by members of the MSM»
In the sense that things don’t fit a narrow profile for the folks who populate the MSM, Adair is right on the money: things that don’t fit their passion play of a lefty Europe aspiring for something only to be corrupted by an idea that stinks of American-ness has become something few longer question. Its’ evidence is expressed in basic and fearful was that resemble passive-aggression: the paucity of stories that are run on the TV and radio news in Europe, and some dramatic omissions.

Tow days ago Fox News has reported quickly and with skepticism on Tariq Aziz’ decision to testify against Saddam Hussein. The BBC has yet to mention it probably because it is just a fact which the viewer can interpret on their own. When an acceptable interpretation emerges, I’m sure we’ll hear from them.

So too with news people HAVE to hear about economy:
«Will the MSM recognize any of the above as clues that the vast majority of people in the US are not “dead, dying, and poor”? Doubtful...

Please be sure not to read this post as a “US is better than the EU post”. The facts are what they are. 7 is still 7. This post is designed to wonder out loud why the MSM perpetuates the template they do when it comes to life in the US.

Just a few things to remember when you hear about those poor, pitiful Americans. It is not healthcare, wealth, or material things which make the US such a terrible place for it’s citizenry. Perhaps it is all a load of rubbish. Always check for yourself. However, any suggestions as to what makes the US so “poor” in the eyes of the MSM are welcome.»
A note: there will eventually be a downturn or a slowing in the U.S. economy, possibly even a deflation of real estate, but a contraction of 30% would be required to bring it to par with the EU average (if it could remain unaffected by a contraction of that scale), and that seems nearly impossible. The growth and expansion of recent years has to use an old saw, definitely “raised all the boats”, improving greatly the lives of people with the least.
The MSM will be sure to not so much report, but talk up the fear, and talk down the differences in life visible at the end of that phase, I’m sure, and forever to the fault of an ideology which they repeatedly stain with the insult of “having made the rich richer” and by sentiment but not in reality, the poor poorer.
For that, friends, you have to look at a different ideology altogether:
« The top 10 richest politicians in the United States include only 3 republicans, 6 democrats, and 1 independent. Among these is the notorious would-be-third-richest-president-ever, John FORBES Kerry, ranking in at #4. Ah, and amongst the Republicans is self-made-billionaire, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, as well as self-made almost-billionaire, Amo Houghton. Amongst the Democrats we see John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller and Herb Khol, who did not work for the wealth, but rather inheirited and/or married it... And yet this is the party of the so-called "working-class." Last time I checked getting married or recieving an inheiritance check doesn't classify as work.

How about Labor Unions? What President is the only one in history to have been a leader of a labor union? My favorite President, Ronald Reagan was a member of an actor's guild.

So, next time you feel like voting in the interests of the working class... and not in the interests of enriching the already rich... vote Republican.»
One not wedded to a transnational attitude with the habit of nit-picking, not trusting people, and tie-ing concepts like nationalized industries to nationalism, and to other things that have little or nothing to do with national identitiies.

I pity the people who are forced to wed their honest labor to dishonest politicking when it comes to the very basics of income and lifestyle. It makes us all party to their view of the world, instead of permitting people to see it their own way.

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