Saturday, October 22, 2005


Revolutionary Clowns

What if they called it an arms race, and nobody had any idea what they were trying to smear someone with?

It DOES however remind me of something a handful of people used to be obsessed with, and would angrily take up issue with everyone around them over it. Here’s another great convergence:

«LONDON-03-22-03, During an outdoor anti-war rally at London's Hyde Park, Richard A. was listening to one of the many speakers of the day. In the sky above the main outdoor stage, there appeared unknown objects in the sky. Richard was with three other friends who also witnessed the objects. The four could not ascertain exactly what they were seeing. One individual had a video camera and was filming the speaker at the time, and may have inadvertently captured the objects. This tape may be forthcoming. When and if I received a copy of the film, I was post it on the UFO Casebook for all to see. »

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