Monday, October 17, 2005

Wasting away in lefty-land

When the government gets involved in every aspect of people’s lives, this is what you end up with: marginal healthcare for everyone, and various other modern equivalents of rationing books. This one takes the cake:

«STOCKHOLM - Un Suédois qui avait donné son sperme pour qu'un couple de lesbiennes aient des enfants a été condamné mercredi par la Cour suprême du pays à payer une pension pour les trois enfants dont il est le géniteur. Il avait donné son sperme au début des années 90.»
« STOCKHOLM - a Swedish donated his sperm so that a couple of lesbians could have children. He was found liable on Wednesday by the supreme Court of the country to pay child support for the three children.

The lesbian couple then separated and the biological mother claimed that the other parent owes child support. The Supreme Court like the magistrates' court and the Court of Appeal considered that the biological father was to assume his financial responsibilities.»
Funny isn’t it? His participation is critical but politically meaningless in the beginning, but when things go wrong for the women who put no stock at all in the traditional family, suddenly fatherhood looks like it would matter. In other words, as long as there is someone to bilk, traditional social institutions become useful to people free-riding on others' trust.

Remember folks, when in lefty-land protect you spunk, as well as the integrity and common sense that lefty activists would like to condition out of the species.

It’s yet another amusing display of the meaningless of “progressive” social practice behind which there aren’t any real theories or ideas, just concepts of personal convenience which bear down on anyone they think might be willing to bear the burden of the consequences without complaining.

- Merci buckets to RV.

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