Monday, October 17, 2005

Leftists: Don’t feed them after dark and don’t get them wet

Odd, don’t you think that a murderer would become a kind of ubiquitous brand of the shallow and unthinking Euro-pop-culture? saw fit to actual take him seriously, unlike the twits who just “know better” than people twice their age who have lived long enough to know what evil looks like.

«They found that in the entire Cuban countryside, in those two years of "ferocious" battles between rebel forces and Batista troops, the total casualties on both sides actually amounted to 182. [10] New Orleans has an annual murder rate double that.

Typically, Che Guevara doesn't even merit credit for the perfectly sensible scheme of bribing rather than fighting Batista's army. The funds for these bribes derived mostly from Fidel's snookering of Batista's wealthy political opponents, convincing them that he was a "patriotic Cuban, a democrat," and that they should join, or at least help fund, his 26th of July Movement in order to bring democracy and prosperity to Cuba.

That a "guerrilla war" with "peasant and worker backing" overthrew Batista is among the century's most widespread and persistent academic fables. No Cuban Castroites who participated actually believe this. The Associated Press dispatches about Castro and Che's "war" were actually concocted and written by Castro's own agent in New York, Mario Llerena, who admits as much in his book, The Unsuspected Revolution. Llerena was also the contact with Castro's most famous publicity agent, the New York Times, Herbert Matthews. National Review's famous 1960 cartoon showing a beaming Castro, "I got my job through the New York Times!" nailed it.»
Having sealed their fate as a pre-industrial plantation and permitted the islands deeper colonization as a Soviet weapons platform, there are those who continue to deny the failure of repression and collectivism by saying that Cuba’s inability to trade with 5% of the world (the U.S.) is somehow holding them back.
«It's rarely reported, but Che Guevara had a very bloody hand in one of the major anti-insurgency wars on this continent. Seventy to 80 percent of these rural anti-communist peasant guerrillas were executed on the spot on capture. "We fought with the fury of cornered beasts" was how one of the few lucky ones who escaped alive described the guerrillas' desperate freedom-fight against the totalitarian agendas of the Cuban regime. (In 1956, when Che linked up with the Cuban exiles in Mexico city, one of them recalls Che railing against the Hungarian freedom-fighters as "Fascists!" and cheering their extermination by Soviet tanks.)

In 1962 Che got a chance to do more than cheer from the sidelines. "Cuban militia units (whose training and morale Jorge Castaneda insists we credit to Che) commanded by Russian officers employed flame-throwers to burn the palm-thatched cottages in the Escambray countryside. The peasant occupants were accused of feeding the counterrevolutionaries and bandits." [17]

The Maoist line about how "a guerrilla swims in the sea which is the people, etc.," fit Cuba's anti-Communist rebellion perfectly. Raul Castro himself admitted that his government faced 179 bands of "counter-revolutionaries" and "bandits." at the time.

So in a massive "relocation" campaign reminiscent of the one Spanish General Valerinao "The Butcher" Weyler carried out against Cubans during their war of independence at the turn of the century, Castro's Soviet trained armed forces ripped hundreds of thousands of rural Cubans from their ancestral homes at gunpoint and herded them into concentration camps on the opposite side of Cuba.

According to evidence presented to the Organization of American States by Cuban-exile researcher Dr. Claudio Beneda 4000 anti-Communist peasants were summarily executed during this rural rebellion.»
Rebellion for me, but not for the actual people! It’s the usual opiate to stupify the common sense out of the masses turned on its’ head.

And to think that there are twits who still parrot the tripe about Cuba being held back by the U.S. (presumably because the American public isn’t propping the twits up with cash.) The basic assertion is that the U.S. is holding them back, when in reality it is doing neither. The Communists and their fellow travelers again find themselves constructing an imaginary invader. Just what the likes of the academic “revolutionaries” need, a disinterested object of their mindless hatred, and reinterpreting of “rights” to their convenience.

In fact a dictator with a filthy beard is holding them back, making them even poorer than they were under Batista. Is there some solice in knowing that even though the poor are just as poor, that the rich merely conceal their presence and use uniformed Pinkertons instead of private ones? Or that there is a certain egalitarianism in everyone being at risk of going to a concentration camp instead of no-one? Hilarious. Stupid. And little more meaningful than a furry robotic puppet from a children’s movie.

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