Saturday, April 09, 2005

The vessel of Euro-lefty hopes

World class caring and loving socialism, world class healthcare...

«I am sure that Venezuelans are really excited to see what they can expect in just a few short years!»

hat-tip: John Ray

The Guardian: «The NHS is turning to Cuba for inspiration on how to improve its services. Officials from the Department of Heath and 100 GPs visited the Caribbean island which, despite being short of medicines and money after decades of a US-led economic embargo, manages to deliver excellent healthcare at a fraction of our cost.»

The Toronto Star: «.In Cuba today, people with HIV are guaranteed access to free medical care. And nobody can be fired from their jobs because they are carrying the virus. There is clearly a strong commitment on the part of the political leadership in Cuba to undertake a wide-ranging and comprehensive HIV/AIDS action plan - domestically as well as internationally, as part of Cuba's activist foreign policy.»
Which they should, given that their soldiers in Africa where the ones banging the Spider Monkeys. The problem is the young Chomskybots who cant register reality of Castros human warehouse and crimes against humanity.

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