Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Krugman double lindy

It's been a really entertaining to watch the spiraling intellectual decline of Paul Krugman.

Rich Tucker exposes Krugman's inability to identify the obvious:

«A favorite game in my house is called “Piggyback Ride.” One of my boys hops on my back, and we attempt to frighten their mother, who convincingly calls out, “Oh, I’m so scared.”

She’s just pretending.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman isn’t. He’s really frightened that conservatives … may start killing liberals.»

Then again there's also Krugman's nutty idea that Conservatives don't make good scientists and, ergo, shouldn't teach. The Harvard Larry Summers kerfuffle reveals that he may be partly right - conservatives refuse to stomp out in a huff in the face of impiricism, and don't see much use in pandering to committee and review panels of non-scientists who want to do things like find genetic determination for gayness but not reproduction, or that there's a stupidity determinant which is only found in their political opponents. hm. Real science...

Besides, wouldn't most conservative scientist try to start their own enterprise or do strictly praxis type real-life work in industry anyway instead of dealing with a horde of loopy 19 year olds?

From our comment section we’ve found one of his fellow travelers. We all know that his limited vision channeled through seeing a band in a club certainly is enough to provide a complete guide to life and the way of the world:

Et les ricains, je connais un trés bon groupe de punk-rock allemand qui s'appel Spermbirds. Vous devriez un peu l'écouter, ça vous déboucherait le cerveau et vous ouvrirait l'esprit.

Mais c'est vrai qu'il est facile de pointer du doigt les néo-nazis (que je ne cautionne en aucun cas), quand chez soi on a le taux de morts par armes à feux le plus élevé du monde. Et surtout n'oublions le KKK, ah oui c'est vrai c'est du folklore...
C'est quoi ces sites anti-français et anti-européens ?

Messieurs Mesdammes les ricains et autres crevures capitalistico-impérialistes, je vous pisse à la raie.
Mmm – no illumination there, the Klansmen went after Republicans and Catholics with the same spring-in-their-step as they did with black people who refused to submit to their forcedul proscriptive social policies. The kind of thing the left, guys like Democratic (the left) Party Senator Robert Byrd might force on your beloved 'sheeple.' Plus, I dont think you'll really illuminate anyone with that tune, but it does sound like you just learned a new ‘knock-knock’ joke. Nonetheless, I don't think there are roving bands of Marines herding innocent Europeans up and force feeding them McDo...

Not much is happening everywhere you find Socialistic practices and lefty though not having any sort of balance or complement. It’s a death cult of sorts, making a earthly utopia for only one generation…

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