Friday, April 08, 2005

Necro Heckling for fun and profit

Currency lad brings you: Wojtya Derangement Syndrome

«Elsewhere, in a swirl of Rothmans smoke that announced to the world after only one draft that "we have a loon," scatterbrained contrarian Christopher Hitchens appeared on the balcony of Slate and began channelling the sectarian snobberies he learned in England long ago. The programmatic gist of his urbi et orbi was the recrudescence of good old fashioned anti-Catholicism. I'm not talking about slightly suspicious Masonic provincialism either but the Giant Rosary For The Statue of Liberty stuff from the days of yore. The Kennedy brothers - part of "a cabal" - were Catholics, you see, and so were the Diems of Vietnam and - *sips scotch* - something something something... For most of the article I felt as though the reader was lying on his back next to Hitchens, both looking skywards as the great man tried to point out the cloud that looks just like Senator Joe McCarthy.

It began with the disturbing enjoyment many zealots around the Western world took in the death of Terri Schiavo.»


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