Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Making away with the goods?

There he is making away with the goods:
Labour's hard fought trust from the general population.

The Tory International Man of Mystery gives us a hint at what to expect - a New Labour victory in Britain followed roughly a year later by a palace coup / happy putsch which makes Ol' Gordo the New PM, and as such the default European keeper of relations with the U.S.

Quoting David Cowan another total brainiac, IMoM the ne'er de well gives us a foretaste of what could be:

A New Prime Minister: A Conservative Take on Gordon Brown:

«At a recent celebration in London addressed by Mr. Brown, the mildly eccentric Socialist Member of Parliament Tony Benn suggested that socialism is going to make a "surprising comeback." Apart from smoozing with what used to be known as the "Loony Left," Mr. Brown has been shoring up his support amongst other members of Parliament, while the current incumbent looks increasingly like a lame duck. If he steps into Prime Minister Blair's shoes, unelected, then we will find in Britain a truly elected dictatorship.»

For goodness sake Mabel, it's time to hide the sheep again...

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