Friday, April 08, 2005

Hey look! It's «Hitler on ice!»

... and NDP crackheads will be dressed up in Penguin suits...

Base residents: meet your new neighbor.

Adulating in good old fashioned ignorant cultural hatred, the German skinhead NDP party is setting up it’s national hatred center (presumably to dress up like a beer hall and play “let’s putsch, leibschen” right next to a US military family housing area.

Un-freaking-glaulich. David’s Medienkritik reports.

From *spit* their statement:
«"On the occasion of the separation of the USA from Great Britain on the 4 of July (so-called Independence Day) we plan on Sunday evening, July 2, 2005 to inaugurate our liberated zone with a large anti-American culture festival.»

«Motto: "No to slavery, the rule of money and imperialism: Dissolve the USA now!" Further major events are planned."»

They must be so proud of themselves - spewing hate on the spouses and children of American service personnel, and spouses and children of civilian DoD employees - many of whom are German. As a frienf told me: they stick their tongues out at American citizens knowing that they won't return the hostility. Brave, very brave.

Never mind the fact that they are so arrogant, narcissistic, and self-centered that they think that they have the right to dissolve a nation becuase of their precious little feelings.

Can you imagine that – neo-nazis supremacist types tch-tching ANYONE about capitalism, and accusing the US of having slavery and being imperialistic. Who were those people in the Koncentrationslagern?, and why where they there nearly a century after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation? They’re truly grasping at straws to find a popular issue. They think they may have found one in the ubiquitous anti-americanism in Germany, but may find themselves linking German Anti-Americanism to Neo-Mazism itself. Fine – knock yourself out, arsheleckern.

Hop on over to Medienkritik and read the whole thing.

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