Monday, February 21, 2005

Why is the White House even dignifying Europe with a visit?

By way of an alert commentator on INDC Journal: a misnamed British goon-blog eats up anonymous propaganda about President Bush and Carl Rove, having nothing to do with anything other than their professional relationship, but peppered with a conspiratorial tone. The univers, you see, is not to shaped to their liking or imaginings – so it MUST be evil, wrong, etc., etc. No source, no actual point, just more of the usual mindless slander that invokes Newton’s laws about equal and opposite forces.

Note the item on INDC Journal: lefties
speculating about gayness somewhere as if “there’s anything wrong with that”, and they’re on a gay-hunting mission. How bery, bery inclusive and diverse of them…Reminds me of THIS great moment in liberalism where it’s acceptable to goading a candidate personally about something you would otherwise pretend to accept and make a political career out exploiting.
Even Barney Frank quietly hates this kind of thing, and keeps warning the left that they’re teetering on the edge of madness. Look
here for more in the way of “Have you stopped beating your wife?” penetrating analyses of any world view that they can’t grasp.

After all, they have no problem parroting Robert Fisk’s hateful take on the Hariri assassination:

“Hariri, I kept repeating. I had sat with him many times, for interviews, at press conferences, at lunches and dinners. He once spoke most movingly about the
son he had lost in a driving accident in America. He had said many times he believed in the afterlife. He had many enemies in Lebanon, Syrians who suspected – correctly – that he wanted them out of Lebanon, real estate enemies – for he had personally purchased large areas of Beirut – and media enemies because he
owned a newspaper and a television station..“

As if the Syrians are naturally entitled to Beirut real estate. They must be. Fisk the earth-god sayeth so, Amen...

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