Thursday, February 24, 2005

German Masses Protesting Bush's Mainz Visit Are In for a Surprize

In view of the anti-American (or anti-Bush) demonstration that was going to welcome George W Bush when the president visited Mainz on Wednesday, Ray and David decided to organize a pro-American demo in that German city.

Among the 30-some people who heeded Medienkritik's call and joined the counter-demonstration (covered by ZDF, FAZ, and Monitor, among others) were Christian, David, Eckart, Ernst, Frank, Franz, Gerrit, Greg, Ian, Karin, Moritz, Paul, and Stefan Herre.

Taking the loudspeaker to answer "No blood for oil" with "No EU peace for Saddam's kickbacks" (this seemed to confuse a number of the anti-American protestors)…

I was proud of this sign I wrote and
proud of the guy who got to carry it…

Two opposing philosophies

Run away! Run away!

Two fans of No Pasarán ask to pose with one of your webmasters

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