Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How very gezellig...

By way of the excellent Dutch Report:

A Hindu temple in The Hague, the Ram Mandir, is frequently being attacked by a group of Moroccan youth.

The trouble caused by Moroccan youth has made a dent in Ramdhani’s idealism. He’s thinking about no longer attending the 9/11 meetings. “I feel discriminated against. Why they have to choose our temple? There is a mosque nearby. Why don’t they go over there to cause trouble? They must hate the Hindu faith. Otherwise I don’t know.”

From a
related story:

In the local Dutch newspaper 'Brabands Dagblad' it is reported that in the city of Den Bosh there are 16 gangs of mainly Moroccan youth who cause trouble. In total about 300 people.
In the area of Den Bosch live around 131.664 people of which around 3726 are first and second generation Moroccan immigrants.
That would mean that around 40% of the Moroccan youth in Den Bosch is causing extreme problems. But the girls, who are approximate 50% of the youth, are never involved in street crimes and harassments cases. This means that these number say that 80% of the Moroccan boys in Den Bosh are involved in street violence.

They are also following Ruud Lubber's

Elsewhere on Dutch report: links to a
LBV.net, a polyglot blogger reporting on the predictable clashes and moonbat street-theater revolving around President Bush's visit.

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