Saturday, February 26, 2005

What forest?

One of the hobgoblins of the leftist mind was always the matter of nuclear deterrence – it’s detestable need to actually have a threat at hand for it to work, the slight problem they had with the fact that it DID work, and that their great enemy (their own nations and the US, might be protected from being evaporated by it… and all that…

So nu, what now? Nuclear deterrence is a
GOOD thing to lefty now, y’see, because all they ever wanted was to deter free people from not being controlled by their petty complaints and NGOs. And the Mossad, the CIA, and their mommy and daddy were all behind 9-11 anyway…
Iran and North Korea can have nukes, threaten their respective neighborhoods, and blackmail the rest of civilization into giving them stuff that moronic economic concepts like Freaky-variant-X-Maoism and Islamic banking can’t.

So for the always-late-to-the-obvious left, the thing to do is immediately start
talking in circles until anyone who pities them enough to listen is dizzy. The goal behind the demanding of dialog is to endlessly talk in circles to draw attention to their person. Clarity of view, basic universal morality, or purpose is their enemy.

To them, the symbol or method (deterrence in this case) is the issue. The matter of protecting ones’ fellow citizens from tyrannical lunatics isn’t.

Here’s your
“International A.N.S.W.E.R.”, butt-monkey…

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