Saturday, February 19, 2005

Never straying from the line

RNW, the International Radio service of the Netherlands, once again has wall to wall anti-americanism on the eve of George Bush's visit to the center of the universe (Europe).

It is The
international propaganda channel for unthinking robotic butt-monkeys. They simply don't produce anything reflecting both sides of an issue when it comes to the U.S. - they engage in a short symbolic presentation of the U.S. view, and back they go....

A few months ago on a program that they laughably call Pax Humana, they ran audio of Bush alright, but only by running it through a menacing sounding reverb filter.

This week they get Brian Sayer of
Republicans Abroad/Belguim to play the goat while a professional, full time protestor gets to goad the U.S. for not doing anything about Halabja when it happened, but that massacres like Halanja are somehow meaningless adventures of intervention into others' sovereignty. The irony is that all his points did more to prove the validity of American intervention and against Euro-inaction and talking-shop tea parties. Ludo the wind-up toy of pedantic anti-american issues did not disappoint.

from their website:

Forum host Andy Clark is joined by Ludo de Brabander, the co-ordinator for no fewer than 88 groups planning to protest against President Bush's visit, and Brian Sayers, director of Republicans Abroad Belgium - one of the foreign arms of the president's party.

"We have the first round of protests planned for Monday in front of the US embassy," says
Ludo de Brabander.

"It's during the week, of course, but we are expecting several thousand people. We see a big will, from looking at all the e-mail traffic and all the phone calls we are getting. I think there will be a lot of people."

Andy Clark: "Which are the main issues that are firing people up then?"

Ludo de Brabander: "Well, it's a broad coalition so there are a lot of issues - [ed.: nah! really?!?] there are environmental issues of concern... There is also the human rights problem... - under the pretext of the 'war on terrorism', people are being imprisoned for several years without trial in Guantanamo. And there are peace groups who are, of course, concerned about the war in Iraq." [ed.: note the lack of concern now that there has been an election compared to a year ago]

"Of course we are for a better relationship between the United States and the european Union - and in general with all countries around the world, but it should be on the terms of international law [please, sir, please show me that BIG BOOK of International law!!!] and in respect of what other countries are saying," [ed.: but not doing]

Try to count the number of wars which have been stopped, the starvation ended, the oppressed people freed by European protestors. It's almost as effective as those little stickers have been over the past 20 years of Freeing Tibet.

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