Friday, February 18, 2005

His prices are Insane!

Under the pact, France will create a better air cover over Libyan territory with sales of aircraft and combat helicopters, and improve Libya's arsenal, much of it bought from France about 30 years ago.

There's also this little bit of
selling off the farm:

U.S. officials warned Paris and Berlin that any decision to remove the embargo would create new obstacles to joint U.S.-European defense programs. The U.S. currently has several multibillion-dollar defense programs in cooperation with major European firms. New weapons sales to Beijing could force these programs to be scaled back or canceled altogether.

The recent friction between the U.S. and its EU allies was raised to a peak after a cross-Atlantic fight over the Galileo satellite navigation system erupted. Galileo is a European space-based navigation system similar to the U.S.-built GPS satellite network.

In a bid to look serious about arms control, we also have this to dwell on: France probing Israeli arms sales to Ivory Coast

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