Friday, February 18, 2005

France 2 and the death of Mohammed Al-Dura revisited

John Rosenthal writes The Trans-Atlantic Intelligencer. He works so hard, I get tired just watching him. He’s been on the Al-Dura story for quite some time and has a great deal of interest to report.

“As the famous images are shown, the voice-over of France 2 reporter Dominique Derda explains: “symbol of the Intifada, the image of the death throws of Mohammed Al-Dura was broadcast around the world.” In French, Derda speaks of the “agonie” of Mohammed Al-Dura. In such a context, the French word agonie clearly means death throws.”

Contrary to (segment producer) Enderlin’s declarations, however, Luc Rosenzweig, Denis Jeambar, and Denis Leconte – the three French journalists who were recently permitted to view the complete rushes in the presence of France2 news director Arlette Chabot – have revealed that the rushes do not contain any such scene of the boy’s death. To quote again Jeambar and Leconte: “These famous ‘death throws’ [agonie], which Enderlin claims to have cut from the report, do not exist.”

The absence of any scene documenting the child’s death in the rushes represents one of the major grounds that have emerged from the three journalists’ viewing of the rushes in support of the hypothesis that the alleged killing of Mohammed Al-Dura was staged. The other major revelation supporting this hypothesis is, of course, the presence in the remainder of the rushes of what Rosenzweig, Jeambar, and Leconte all concur were obviously staged episodes – or “mise-en-scène” – of other Palestinians being wounded.
In other words, France 2 personnel did not report on news, they ginned it up. That story became evidentiary rocket fuel for the like of the International Solidarity Movement to further fuel their hatred, and their role in widening the gulf between the Israelis and Palestinians. When one observes the actions, and not the statements of these groups, victory means no Israel. Bear in mind that ISM also harbored Palestinian insurgants, and has hid and stored weapons for them. They have been caught doing this on more than one occasion. It’s the complete opposite of their stated goal of aiding in a mediated peace.
Why does this matter? The France 2 construction is “evidence” to groups of this sort.

They are the lies which are used to seduce young Europeans and North-Americans into redirecting their lives into anger and hatred for Israel and the U.S., and getting them killed. More to the point, making impossible a safe, peaceful world that the svengalis of these groups purport to want.

Without misery these group leaders do not prosper, nor do they get to fill the empty cavity in their souls with this war they’re waging on their own nations of citizenship.
Without misery the France 2 personnel and stringer did have no reason invent news, and effectively get a child killed for their by-line.

Without the likes of malicious groups who call themselves “Peace” organizations, and the ideologically driven press hacks tossing them red meat, their victims, the Palestinians and the Israelis would be far better off if they were free of this meddling. Likewise the involvement of Jihadist which makes for even stranger company for "the peace collectives."

Fire them up. Send them off. They go and get another one killed. Then let her fellow concerned young leftist make her into a martyr, in effect pushing them one step closer to strapping on a bomb-vest themselves, and join the middle-eastern dealt cult.

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