Tuesday, February 15, 2005

No, It Is Not Only Bush Supporters and Out-of-the-Mainstream "Partisan" Bloggers Who Liken Europe's Mainstream Media to Al-Jazeera

I wonder whether anyone told [Abu Musab al-Zarqawi] about the suicide bomber who managed to blow up only himself outside a Baghdad polling station and how Iraqi voters walked around his body, spitting on it as they went by
writes Thomas L Friedman in the New York Times (emphasis mine).
Zarqawi claims to be the leader of the Iraqi Vietcong — the authentic carrier of Iraqis' national aspirations and desire to liberate their country from "U.S. occupation." In truth, he is the leader of the Iraqi Khmer Rouge — a murderous death cult.

The election has exposed this…. In other words, this election has made it crystal clear that the Iraq war is not between fascist insurgents and America, but between fascist insurgents and the Iraqi people. One hopes the French and Germans, whose newspapers often sound more like Al Jazeera than Al Jazeera, will wake up to this fact and throw their weight onto the right side of history.

Not bloody likely; see why below…

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