Wednesday, February 16, 2005

As predictable as catching VD in Ibiza

Commenters on Aljazeera's website are already suggesting that Rafik Hariri was knocked offed by the Mossad and/or the CIA... What next, saying that Chuck Barris did it?!?

c i a at work people. looks like the u s are not so happy with lebanon's refusal to kicking out the s yr ians. the u s is looking to light the fire once more. but i am positive that lebanon won't get dragged into this. the u s should focus more on its internal affairs and get out of other people's.
-Jess from Egypt

Now if only ‘Jess’ could spell. Or think. There has been no request by the U.S. or "refusal" to kick out the Syrians, becuase the Lebanese Government CAN'T. They are being threatened and coerced by the Assad regime, idiot boy. See - the evil US is doing all of this. No-one else is ever responsible....
Even better was one e-mail that the BBC World Service read over the air - the writer suggested that Syria will leave Lebanon when the US leaves Iraq. Not only was the beeb goofy enough to read it, but the writer doesn't seem aware that Syria has had their Military and Intelligence apparatus in Lebanon since 1975.

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