Monday, October 14, 2013

In Obama's America, Everyone Must Know Their Place

In the leftist paradise that is Barack Obama's America, everyone must know their place.

That goes from common citizens to journalists while including soldiers and combat veterans who must give up their right to visit war memorials so that the apologizer-in-chief can use them — "my military", remember — for his kabuki theater against Republicans and whoever else his opponents, real or imagined, may be. (Yes, places too must "know their place", in a manner of speaking — for they exist too merely, or mainly, for the benefit of the supreme leader.)

And God forbid (so to speak — it really ought to be "Obama forbid") that a Catholic priest in the military should want to celebrate Mass on an army base. Bringing relief to a given soldier, even with the priest forgoing his payment because of the government shutdown, is not an option if it goes against the Supreme Commander's attempt to utilize said shutdown to his benefit. And so, if he does not know his place, the priest will face arrest. (Sarah Hoyt calls this "a means of “spanking” the American public for not falling into line.")

For in the leftist pantheon, people who took to arms and risked their lives on the battlefield are not heroes. (Well, a bit, but only to a certain extent…)

The only real heroes there are — the only white knights on white horses there are — are the leftist politicians — those people who don't cling to their guns and bibles but who are wise, and tolerant, and generous, and forward-looking, etc etc etc — who come dashingly to the rescue of the poor and defenseless.

The real villains in the world are not the Russians, the Iranians, the Syrians, the communists…

The only true despicable people in the world are red-blood Americans who can't understand, who don't want to understand, that Obama and his government is here to help them, others, everybody.

And they must be punished.

Punished for not knowing their place.

Punished for opposing the leftist agenda.

Punished by the IRS for having the temerity to vote against Barack Obama and Obamacare.

Punished with IRS audits that will put those despicable individuals in their place.

Blacks, Obama is on your side; physicians, Obama is here to help you; black physicians, Obama is here for your sake, and if you don't understand your duty to stand by your savior (ya listenin', Ben Carson?!), then, by golly, you will be punished too!

Time to recall what I consider the single most important paragraph in Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism (to which I have added a couple of editor notes):
That is how the liberal Gleichschaltung works; contrary voices are regulated, barred, banned when possible, mocked and marginalized when not. Progressive voices are encouraged, lionized, amplified — in the name of "diversity,'' or "liberation," or "unity," and, most of all, "progress."
Shouldn't we update that for the Obama adminsitration?
That is how the liberal Gleichschaltung works; contrary voices are regulated [by the IRS], barred [by the IRS], banned [by the IRS] when possible, mocked and marginalized when not. Progressive voices are encouraged, lionized, amplified — in the name of "diversity,'' or "liberation," or "unity," and, most of all, "progress."

Fox News:
“This is the people's memorial,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told a crowd of several hundred gathered near the WWII Memorial on the closed National Mall, which has become a national symbol of the shutdown and the country’s response. “Simple question: Why is the federal government spending money to keep veterans out of the memorial? Why did they spend money to keep people out of Mount Vernon, Mount Rushmore? Our veterans should be above political games.”

 … “Today somebody’s wife [or] husband is dead in Afghanistan. Is somebody going to pay her husband [or] his wife or their children?” one protester shouted at the White House, referring to the partial shutdown cutting off benefits for the survivors of military personnel.

Some of the metal barricades were carried the roughly half-mile walk from the memorial to the White House, where they were left near the fence in front of Pennsylvania Avenue.

 …  Protesters shouting “U.S.A.” and “Tear down these walls” put the blame squarely on President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders.

“In a mean-spirited fit of selfish anger, Barack Obama has shut down our nation’s war memorials,” march organizers said in a press release. “And he has declared open war on our honored veterans. The World War II memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, Obama has shut them all down to force his will on the House of Representatives and, frankly, to get revenge on the American people who oppose ObamaCare and his other naked power grabs.”