Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Democrat Leader Wants to Ship Americans at Odds with the White House to "an American Siberia" (i.e., Alaska)

Mayor Frank Hague, rabid champion — by his own definition and according to his own lights — of the doctrine of “America for Americans” … added to his program the proposal of an American “Siberia” in Alaska, to which Americans at odds with the government would be shipped posthaste. The Jersey City boss made this expansion to his reiterated basic program this afternoon in testifying in his own defense in court here as proceedings were continued in the suit brought by John L. Lewis’s Committee for Industrial Organization.
Notice how the fact that Frank Hague is a Democrat is never stated (in fact, even the New York Times cannot deny that he was "the … mayor and political boss who set the standard for corruption, even by New Jersey standards").

Having said that, there is something we have no choice but to confess. Alright, full confession: this item appeared in International Herald Tribune's 75 Years Ago section, and is thus from 1938 — and that at a time when Lenin and Stalin's Soviet society (along with its labor camps) was praised all over the West.

Still, why is it that the first thing that comes to mind is: "Plus ça change…"?