Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dogs and Transcripts: NYT Gives Yet Another Example of Double Standards

Speaking truth to power?

Gail Collins has a column in the New York Times that will probably make all its liberal readers guffaw at the pathetic Republican candidates, which is normal, because she uses gross caricatures of the right's candidates alone, while ignoring any and all equivalent examples related to the left — and more importantly, to the White House.
So many surprises to look forward to. … Will [Mitt Romney] ever release all his tax returns?
Well, a fine question, Gail.
I mean it.
But why don't you call for Barack Obama's releasing his college transcripts? In fact, while you're at it, why not ask members of the mainstream media busying themselves with the evils of Mitt Romney's Mormon faith (while ignoring Jeremiah Wright's church — I don't remember ever hearing any Mormon shouting "God damn America!", certainly not since Utah became a state) why they didn't ask Barack Obama for his college transcripts in 2008 and why they haven't been demanding he do so since then?

And then we get this doozy (which is hardly abnormal, since Gail Collins has already mentioned the 1983 car trip more than 50 times):
Did you ever notice how many of the Republican candidates seemed to have animal issues? [Follows a list of mockery regarding GOP candidates, both presidential and vice-presidential.] And the winner is the guy who drove to Canada with the family dog strapped to the roof of the car!
Notice how the left always has to exaggerate, making it sound like poor helpless Seamus was tied, personally, to the roof of the car (presumably by his paws and tail), hostage to the wind factor, to the elements, to the cold, and to the slightest false maneuver (rather than in an "air-tight kennel").

More importantly, it has been a week or two since a new animal issue has emerged, tied (so to speak) to the Democratic front-runner, also the resident of the White House — his writing of the memory of eating dog meat while in his 30s (the writing, that is, not the eating, which took place as a child in Indonesia) — and that is something which animal-issue-obsessed Gail Collins blithely… ignores.

Speaking truth to power?

Only when it ain't a Democrat…

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