Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What Do Julian Assange’s Thoughts Turn on Christmas Eve?

Things that give him a woody. 24 Dec 2006

The pending total annihilation of the US regime in Somalia

The US backed Somali "government", the Somali Transitional National Assembly (TNA), faces total annihilation, avoidable only by an Ethiopian invasion of Somalia and the creation of a Quisling regime.

In the past year the TNA has been routed from all regions of Somalia by the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and now holds only Baidoa, a middling town close to the Ethiopian border. The "government" has already lost the capital, Mogadishu. The TNA is a US supported power broker club with many detested warlords, including those behind the 1991 atrocities in Black Hawk Down. Its hold on Baidoa is weak and has only been maintained in the last 24 hours by aggressive Ethiopian air-strikes, artillery and the invasion of 10 to 20 thousand Ethiopian troops. Ethiopia is the traditional, hated enemy of Somalis. Whatever legitimacy the TNA may have had with Somalias is now completely lost. The Molotov-Tribbentrop Pact is statesmanship compared to cynicism behind the TNA inviting Ethiopian troops and artillery into Somalia.
Not that he didn’t appear to take joy in it, linking all of the miseries of the Somalis to it when he gets the urge to write the words. Like a conditioned pigeon, parroting the fictional Manchurian Candidate’s behavior, he thinks wildly creative and witty to call his public thoughts about it: Black Hawk Down, White Wash Up

With the characteristic inferences drawn by a teenager trying to mimic the house organs of the Soviet age, he arrives to this: the American Revolution was illegitimate, nor is the notion of western-style participatory government, and...
...God.. Creator.. Men are created equal... Life, Liberty,... pursuit of Happiness.. Safety and Happiness... [followed by 26(!) paragraphs of hatred for the abuses of King George].
Because it’s in bad taste? Because it might offend someone named Julian two centuries later? The question with all of his thoughts, other than the proof that he is unpleasable as a shoeless Imelda Marcos, is to ask “what crawled up HIS ass and died? He prattles on:
In other words, religious feeling (x2), equality, life, liberty, happiness (x2), safety and above all, an extreme hatred for the brutal acts, preferment, and corruption of foreign influenced or controlled government.
It’s funny thing for a fellow traveller in Australia’s recreational revolutionaries taking up stance for a genuine and native anti-Commonwealth, Australian Republic movement to hold, as it seeks to divest itself of the symbolic allegiance to Great Britain and no longer have the British Monarch as its titular head of state.

Not once does democracy or shopping appear.
Where foreign influence is promoted in the American Declaration of Independence is beyond me. In fact it seems to rather explicitly seek to end it, which Assange views solely as “rudeness” toward the British Monarcy.

It seems that even past figures HAVING principals of their own that he doesn’t approve of is criminal. I wonder if he even notices what an authoritarian reflex he’s hiding under his awkward, affected manner.

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