Monday, April 04, 2011

REO Mistwagen

In December 2010, Frank Schneider, the president of the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Treatment of Nervous Diseases admitted that the race and euthanasia policies of the Third Reich had not been forced upon German psychiatrists, but that they had been among its initiators.
Germans, always hypersensitive to the telling of any history or comparisons of present day German society with Nazism need to stop fretting, because you aren’t alone. No-one buys the routine any more, and humanity realizes that it comes a lot more naturally to Europeans that we want to believe.
Forty-seven percent of Germans are of the opinion that Israel is exterminating the Palestinians according to a poll undertaken by the University of Bielefeld for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, affiliated with the German Social Democratic Party. These findings raise fundamental questions about the future of German society and not only about those Germans who falsely accuse Israelis of behaving like their own totalitarian or murderous ancestors.
It’s the few of them that aren’t conspiracy crackpots, that handful that don’t believe things for the sake for their egos that I have some slight hope for.
The recent data should not surprise anyone. It even marks some progress when compared with the past. This same university undertook a major poll in 2004. Some 68% percent of Germans then agreed with the allegation: “Israel undertakes a war of destruction against the Palestinians.” Fifty-one percent shared the opinion: “The way the State of Israel acts toward the Palestinians is in principle no different from the Nazis’ behavior in the Third Reich toward the Jews.”
All of those lesson-givers, going at it again...

At least they have Norwegians to keep them company. Alan Dershowitz offered to offer to speak without compensation at Norwegian Universities, only to be turned down for similarly one-sided reasons. These “tolerant” academics “in search of the truth,” it seems tend to stick to plugging their ears while yelling nya-nya-nya-nya
A third university, Bergen, answered that it was only willing to host Dershowitz provided he change his topic to an analysis of the O. J. Simpson trial, the American star football player who became a criminal. They did not want him to speak about Israel. Dershowitz rightly refused. The student unions of the three universities then quickly organized lectures by him, thus saving a little bit of the country’s honor.

Dershowitz told the small Christian daily Dagen that the refusals by the Norwegian universities to let him speak reminded him of his visits to the Soviet Union, and South Africa under the apartheid regime. He called the Norwegian universities propaganda tools, with leaders who are smart yet ignorant. Dershowitz added that Norwegian government policies were a hindrance to the peace process, as their double standards helped Hamas.
Americans to look down on, whodaguessedit? Somehow, I don’t think the Dersh takes requests, especially when it comes to offering a survey of the kind of law practiced by scheissters who advertise on buses.

Another new high for European culture

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