Saturday, April 09, 2011

"Maybe they should send the flotilla to Syria instead - I'm sure it's more needed there."

Europeans are planning another Gaza “flotilla”:

The NGOs behind the project also expect several MPs from EU countries and MEPs from Brussels to join them when they set sail in late May.

Huseyin Oruc from the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), a Turkish NGO, said: "There will be many MPs on board. I don't think Israel will attack us. They did so much damage to their international reputation last time that I don't think they will repeat the same actions again."

Plans for the new project will be finalised at a meeting in Athens next week.
All that humanitarian aid, what with the issue being SOOOOO important in the Middle East right now. The doofuses.

An Israeli diplomat noted:
Noting the current turmoil in the region due to the Arab uprisings, he said: "It makes this attempt to make the situation in Gaza look like the most important thing happening in the Middle East even more out of place than before."
He forgets that the target audience is European, not so much Arab. There is little evidence that Arabs WANT Gaza to be “opened up”. In reality, it’s playing into the Iranian effort to open yet another military front on Israeli civilians.
Delegates are also expected from Canada, the US, Switzerland, the Nordic countries, Belgium, Germany, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Nobody from the former Communist EU member states or from Iran and Syria will be involved.

Around 15 boats are to set sail from a number of ports in the Mediterranean including Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Turkey and Tunisia. The route will avoid the Nato naval blockade on Libya and Israeli territorial waters, aiming to unload humanitarian supplies in Gaza and, later on, to sell the boats and donate funds to charities working in the strip.
Gazans don’t need that “humanitarian relief” nearly as much as those caught in the middle of a civil war in Libya, the people of Haitians and Pakistanis still suffering from the effects of their earthquakes.

No, the permanent ward of the UN is in need of this “emergency aid” first.

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