Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paging Bashar Assad!

Whose very nom de guerre (Bashar = messenger of good news, al Assad = “the lion”) has the cast of infantile fakery that sneers at the intelligence of the people. Because they’re stupid and need bold leadership that they can easily understand?

No. They need to dispose of the Socialist hereditary dictatorship that has led them into one war after another, suppressed them politically, and given them decades of isolationism, state economic control, and periodic bloodbathes. So it’s time to go. Alas, but where?

That’s a fine question. I’m so glad you asked.

What do all the places that an ousted dictator can flee to have in common?

The places?

The habitual rhetoric that they commonly share?

1. A hatred of the United States, individual freedom,
2. Anything that doesn’t fit the Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary recipe for taking power.
3. Leftism

The balance of the world’s anti-Americans are in good company.

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