Wednesday, July 13, 2011

America Beats France in Soccer Semi-Final, 3-1, Heads for Women's World Cup Final

Updated & Corrected: Under a downpour at Mönchengladbach, the American woman's soccer team beat France in one of the semi-final games of FIFA's women's soccer World Cup, 3-1 (ESPN video & FIFA video), denying the French team a victory just in time for Bastille Day and heading to the final against Japan.

"…les Françaises ont dominé l'essentiel du match" pouts Le Monde, pointing out that "Les Bleues [the French team members] ont encore réussi un très bon match, se montrant supérieures techniquement aux Américaines". Over at ESPN, Roger Bennett agrees, calling France "brilliant in defeat"…
The French depart with dignity and the consolation that they have provided the tournament with some of its most tactically complex and satisfying soccer.
During the previous match, against Brazil, US head coach Pia Sundhage was heard to say:
I have no words, it was phenomenal. There's something about the American attitude and will to win. They bring out the best performance in each other.

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