Saturday, July 16, 2011

No Surprise at all: Statists’ Personal Priorities Coming Before the Public Good

It’s that all-important quality of life thing that matters I guess. If you can count yourself among the elite.

economists, such as Commerzbank's Christoph Weil, do not rule out a spontaneous market event, such as one or two top private investors moving out of Ireland, Italy, Portugal or Spain and causing wider panic.
So I guess the solution (to whatever) needs to be more Europe not less Europe, but only when a power-grab is possible. Otherwise it’s all one big sunny “slow food” movement.
Amid a "clear risk" of potentially seismic events in the eurozone and the Arab world in the next six weeks, EU institutions will drop to staff levels of just 20 percent as officials go on holiday, limiting their capacity to react.
Unaware of the concept of irony, the piece goes on:
Amid the common perception that the EU sleeps in August, institutions will have four major crisis-monitoring centres running 24/7. The biggest one, the Joint Situation Centre, keeps half its staff in place during holidays.
...despite “the situation”, chaos will know when to strike.

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