Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Wages of Statism

The sad thing about America’s leftist ‘cultural overseers’ is that they look to Europe as a model of how a society should operate. It’s more likely that they opt for the ‘manageable failure’ option out of mere sentimentality. The Perfesser blows a hole in them:

If socialist health care is so preferable, with the power of the state to mandate preventative health care, why do Europeans smoke far more than Americans? On cultural issues, such as politely forming lines, or not defacing monuments with graffiti, or yielding to pedestrians, or driving with concern for others, I think supposedly selfish Americans are light years ahead. But how so, when our capitalist system breeds ‘me first’? And what exactly once created the European genius that we see expressed in the beauty of Italian architecture and the zest for excellence throughout the art and literature of old Europe?
Earth to elites: we are NOT Europe. For the most part they are a comparatively miserable and unhappy population. Quit trying to make us into them. The social ‘equity’ they tout is an act.

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