Monday, June 15, 2009

I think it is going to be close

From the begining of the Industrial Revolution the challenge of man versus machine has always been hotly contested. This is no different in today's blog-fuelled internet.

The challenege is laid-down by the eponymous blog commentator "Peter" in a comment regarding future budget cuts facing a particular government:

No is listening anymore. The majority of voters (which must, by definition, include those who allegedly depend on public services) according to a PoliticsHome poll this week want cuts in public spending. The last 12 years have tested to destruction the idea that more and more spending necessarily means improvements to public services. I suspect in your heart you know that. Public spending cuts are coming, whether you like it or not, because you are losing the argument about the efficacy of state intervention. In fact it is already lost. Get ready for slash and burn and a reduction in the size and power of your beloved state, with a concomitant increase in the power of the ordinary citizen. It’s coming…
Nothing flaming. Nothing feral. Fairly straight forward. How will our contestants do in terms of logical and rational thought when answering Peter?

First up, the machine: Autorantic Virtual Moonbat, who replied thusly to Peter:

Rove is pure evil!!!! If you aren't morose about this head warmonger, then actually you are a Repimplican blood-stained robot of Karl Rove!!! We've seen this before, in 1992 in Montreal, when 20,248 Shiite BABY seals were HYPNOTIZED by the House of Representatives!!! What about gender equality? What about pollutant-free air and gay marriage for the countless millions of whales who are eaten in Abu Ghraib every single day by our Thief-in-Chief!!? The CHIMP in charge's War Against Recycling must end!
Next up, the (hu)man: Richard Murphy, who replied thusly to Peter:

Power for the ordinary citzen

To die

To be uneducated

To pollute

To clear their own waste

To be undefended

To have no access to justice

To have no protectiion at work

To eat unsafe food

To drive unsafe cars

That’s liberty is it?

In terms of logical and rational thought, advantage Autorantic.

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