Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iraq's Prime Minister Bashes Bush, Hails Obama, Praises the UN, and Pays Respect to Iran

Besides hailing the Apologizer-in-Chief (while betraying his predecessor) in an interview with Le Monde's Patrice Claude which appeared on Tuesday (the French mainstream media, like the American, only pays attention to Iraqis when and if they bash Bush, directly or indirectly, which is why so few of them — why so few of the Iraqis — have appeared in the MSM's pages and on their broadcasts over the past six years), Iraq's starry-eyed prime minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, claims that Iran's meddling in Iraq's affairs has come to an end.
Nos relations sont bonnes. Elles doivent rester marquées par le respect mutuel et la non-ingérence. Un grand vide politique s'est créé en Irak après l'intervention armée étrangère en 2003. Cela a produit, c'est vrai, beaucoup d'ingérences de divers pays de la région dans nos affaires. Toujours sous prétexte de protéger leurs propres intérêts nationaux bien sûr. Mais depuis le rétablissement de notre souveraineté et de l'ordre civil dans le pays, nous y avons mis un terme.
Well, it seems like Iraq can be joined to the leftist or left-leaning countries (such as Obama's U.S.) whom Iranian democrats should refrain from counting on for help, to paraphrase Dennis Prager's words
A primary reason America is "waiting" and "watching" and "monitoring" while Iranians are beaten in the streets of Tehran is that the country is led by the left.

…The world is "closely following the situation," just as it followed the situations of the Jews during the Holocaust, the Ukrainians, the Chinese under Mao, the Rwandans, the Cambodians, Tibetans, and so many others.

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