Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A village is missing its’ idiot.

Wanna guess why the old butcher was too mean and unpleasant to marry and have little “Le Roys”?

« A small village in France has been split by the will left by its late butcher, who bequeathed his house and land to the local council on condition that they were used to help to plan the communist revolution.

Albert Le Roy, a hardline Marxist who died two months ago at the age of 80, amazed his native Goudelin, in Brittany, with a handwritten will discovered in a drawer at his home that said he was leaving his property, valued at €140,000 (£96,000), to the village council “to prepare for communism”.

M Le Roy read L’Humanité, the French communist daily, and drove a Soviet-made Moscovitch car in the 1970s. He joined leftwing friends for a glass of red wine in the café opposite the village church every day. »
I suppose one good sign is that this is what being a Communist butcher has come to.

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