Friday, June 02, 2006

Lefty ideology creates a hostile work environment

As well as a hostile living environment, according to Michael Phillips – oracle of The Gods of Commerce.

The Lefties have banned chain stores in North Beach and much of the city. There is no logic behind it, their arguments fail after one sentence replies, but they don’t think or learn. (Lefty two-digit-IQ ideology: ‘Starbucks kills local coffee shops’…obvious rebuttal: ’Since Starbucks came to San Francisco the number of coffee shops has increased five fold.’)
But you can’t say that because it doesn’t fit the extremely narrow frame of reference that this generation about which Phillips says:
I often describe San Francisco as a 92 year old once beautiful woman who spends two hours a day putting on her make-up. When she was young she was a commie and has never paid any attention to the world. She hates children and learns everything she knows from her hair dresser and manicurist.

The fuse is lit!

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