Tuesday, May 30, 2006

As if they’d even want him

A scribbler for the Marxist rag “Marianne” says on TV that he would never willingly 'become American' but was perfectly ready to 'become Chinese', or at least what they romanticize the Chinese into.

The basic flaw in his thinking is that the Chinese who, as they entertain freedoms, seem to prefer the connections they have with the US anyway. There are millions of Americans of Chinese origin, and more come every year, as well as a century and a half long tradition of immigration. But that’s not really what this guy is on about.

He thinks it’s about the Chinese wanting to be French. This bit of cultural self-aggrandizement revolves around wine, saying that the Chinese were one day going to start making really good wines that would compete with French wines, implying that there were no serious competition out there right now.

Someone else on the panel asked him why he thought that, considering
that the US and Australia, for instance, were both countries with just as
much potential as China when it came to wine-making... why would the
Chinese wines be any different from what the US and Australia were

The idiot answered that the Chinese would not make wine with marketing
in mind like the Americans and Australians do. He said that the Chinese
winemakers come to France to learn about wine and French culture...to not
be aggressive competitors in the wine market.

This guy actually thinks that Chinese companies aren’t aggressive marketers of their goods. And he’s pretending to know anything about China?

In other words, he thinks that what’s left of their blind Maoism, free of personal initiative will lead a billion Chinese to see some virtue in France, regardless of the fact that most people you meet are so bigoted that they refer to my American-Korean friends as Chinese, and frequently surprised to find out that they’re actually American.

It’s the height of cultural sophistication, I tell ya...

The fuse is lit!

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