Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now they’ll start a desperate search for the fossilized remains of 400 000 year old SUVs

How many seconds will it take for the ugly green mob to make this scientist into an apostate of the weather cult? As it is, the article title gives it a start:

Studies Portray Tropical Arctic in Distant Past
as opposed to:
“Evidence appears of Tropical Arctic Predating Man
I give ‘em 3 days of pretending the article doesn’t exist, and then some curious rationalizations:

"Something extra happens when you push the world into a warmer world, and we just don't understand what it is," said one lead author, Henk Brinkhuis, an expert on ancient Arctic ecology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The studies draw on the work of a pioneering 2004 expedition that defied the Arctic Ocean ice and pulled the first significant samples from the ancient layered seabed 150 miles from the North Pole: 1,400 feet of slender shafts of muck, fossils of ancient organisms and rock representing a climate history that dates back 56 million years.

While there is ample fossil evidence around the edges of the Arctic Ocean showing great past swings in climate, until now the sediment samples from the undersea depths had gone back less than 400,000 years.
If scientist just don’t know what happens when the climate changes, how can greenies be so precise when it comes to the ever changing causes and effects they scare the public with every day?

The fuse is lit!

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