Saturday, June 03, 2006

Can they bear the good news?

CBC, The Globe and Mail, and the BBC did not mention names or orgins of the 17 people arrested Friday. Only on Saturday mid-morning did the CBC mention that some of the detainees may have not been Canadian citizens.
The pattern of reporting, (or of not reporting) reeks of the pedantic instinct for PC.

The fact that they were assembling ammonium nitrate IEDs seemed to give the
CBC license to repeat Timothy McVeigh's name several times. Repeat it
though they may, you can't spin a story by concealing any possible motives. As much as they would regret talk of their precious 'militants' and not corn-fed patriarchal brownshirts that
they'd prefer to see.

The Toronto Sun looking at past history and the same set of information
quite comfortably calls it a possible al Qaida attack.

BBC gave the same early reporting treatment on the air, but not in print to a chemical weapons bust in the UK as the Globe and Mail until it was unavoidable: they eventually mentioned that the 2 suspected arrested in
connection with the affair were "inspired" by al Qaida.

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