Saturday, June 03, 2006

We get all sorts here.

Some of our readers leave comments. Occasionally we get a real winner who seems to be getting his news from another source - one so true, so ineffably pure, that blood-drinking Jewish financiers in top hats have been trying to buy them out and shut them down, just like the magical Tesla death-ray, and those pyramids the cunning devils “sold” the Pharoahs.

Just as the poor will always be with us, those who buy into conspiracy theories will too. The common thread?

Conspiracy theories insult the intelligence of the reasoning mind, and flatters that of idiots.

When someone imagines a class of people forming a "cabal", they start to think that people are after them, and then the addiction to victimhood sinks in. There is a kind of solace and comfort in being able to explain away ones’ personal failings, lost loves, inability to digest the way of the world, etc. Just as some look for clues in their daily horoscope, others nurse a tumor of irrational hatred of something they see as powerful, undaunting, and after them – as if they mattered enough that mega-state or mega-corp would care.

It really is rather cute, except that some never grow out of it.

The fuse is lit!

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