Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tales from the left-wing treehouse

From a big media FauxBlog entry by George Monbiot which gives an insight into the incredibly sad world of the activist left, comes a brilliant comment:

How funny are all these "peace activist" from the point of view of someone who grew up in the USSR. Demonstrating against the nuclear missiles. The peace movement. How could you not recognise the true enemy? USSR was out there to get you if it could. It failed - but if these women had indeed cerated "something usefull" - they would be learning Russian by now. That, and living in a society that has theretically equal rights but never elevated women to positions of power or authority.

I still recall seeing all these peace protest on the TV in Moscow. Even then I was amazed. The mass peace movement in the USSR (I still recall having to pay some money from time to time for the needs of "peace movement") was against the Western weapons. You could have a million in a demonstration against nukes in the UK. Did they not watch it? Did they not realize that if your enemy wants something that you want - your views might not be objective?

I could understand a 20 year old "protester". But one could hope that by the age of 40 the person would wisen up a bit.

As to you, Macbeth, it never fails to amaze me that there are people who grew up in the Western, democratic society, yet fail to appreciate it's main gift. Pluralism and the ability of a person to be different from the rest without fear of prosecution. What will happen if all of us, who think differently will just "go away"? Won't it be a dull world? Would it be one where new ideas are born? Homogeneity of views would have fit nicely in the USSR.

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