Sunday, September 03, 2006

But they’re superior continental nut-roots

I bet you thought ALL malbouffe of any sort was by nature American. From the Wiki wasteland explication of a chain started in Belgium (and has since expanded) called Quick crediting its’ success to “high quality products and anti-Americanism”. The company probably DID write the Wikipaedia entry, since only a very strange person would go to such lengths for a fast food chain.

What I wonder is why they exist at all. Last year 404 stores only created €27.3 million of net income for the franchisee. In any functioning economy this would be called sucking wind. That, notwithstanding makes them, judging by the way McDonald’s stores are targeted for igneous youthful invective, vulnerable. The trashings are after all – all about general malbouffiness and esclavage wages, aren’t they? Well, aren’t they?

Bollocks – in this respect western Europe is no different than a bad neighborhood in Karachi. “Revolutionaries” with small minds and a cartoonish world view want to trash something American-seeming thinking that they’re ending capitalism as they know it, even though they’re actually destroying the property of a countryman who invested in the franchise, and put some guy name Gilles out of a job. These kids are Mensa material, I tell ‘ya.

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