Saturday, September 09, 2006

French Presidential campaign : highly predictable

Off of the Figaro newswire, Jean Marie Le Pen calls Bush a "war criminal". Le Pen is sailing along at over 15% in the polls, with surprising support in French suburbs. Well, not all that surprising considering he shares quite a bit with French youth: Jew hating, America bashing, Saddam supporting ...

Pour Le Pen, «Bush est un criminel de guerre»

"Je suis bien obligé de constater qu'il a attaqué un pays sans aucune justification», déclare le président du Front national, depuis Vichy, au lendemain de la publication du rapport du Sénat américain sur la guerre "injustifiée" en Irak. (Avec AFP)

Nicolas Sarkozy does the only sensible thing for a front running French Presidential candidate who wants to remain front-running -- he distances himself from the USA, "I am not in blind admiration of the United States." says Sarko.

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