Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Keythtone Kopth

If this doesn’t make Belgians sleep soundly at night, I don’t know what would:

If it wasn’t a little sad, it would be historic: On Thursday night the buildings housing the OCAM (Office of Threat Analysis Coordination) in the heart of Brussels was burglarized.

In fact VRT (Flemish public radio and television) announced it Friday evening 19H00. The OCAM is an interagency service responsible for the State security, the SGRS (General Intelligence and Security Service, military intelligence), the federal Police force and other agencies. Its role is to synthesize information and analyses transmitted by each service and certain foreign services, and to brief authorities on their estimation of the terrorist threat level.
The bearded crazies must be in their happy place.

Thanks to alert reader Hervé whose stomache for stories like that is much stronger than mine.the fuse is lit!

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