Thursday, September 07, 2006

It’s all about people coming together, man

Eastern, not western Europeans aided in the capture and incarceration of 14 hardcore terrorists. Not only does that tell America who her friends are, but that’s what multilateralism is all about.

To the Gaucho-Islamiste left, that’s now, of course, considered bad.

Enjoy les reactions. They can be especially amusing when coming from completely irrelevant people.

And it’s a good thing: Guantanamo now holds top terror suspects

Petain and the Nurenburg defendants had to wait until after World War II was over to face trial. These 14 are bing moved to Gitmo to face it now. It must mean that they’re no longer useful for the purposes of intelligence, and being presented for future trial instead of kept in the can where they definately can’t kill anybody, quite guilty.

It sure put’s old Dick’s witch hunt against Eastern European sovereignty and toffish pacifist arrogance in perspective, doesn’t it?the fuse is lit!

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