Wednesday, May 10, 2006

When will the left give Ahemdinajad the “Hate is not a family value” finger wag?

Ahmadinejad gives Bush a long lecture on Christian values

The New York Times even parotted this bit of indulgant nonsense:
"It would be a big mistake if the United States dismissed it or if they only consider it as a philosophical, religious, historical letter," Nasser Hadian, a political science professor at Tehran University, said. "It would be a good idea if President Bush responds to it. It can open up some space."
Anyone doubting the generalized treason in the superscilious statements of the western left have to look at their bewilderment and fascination with “the letter.” The press were nearly peeing their hemp undies in anticipation, and seems to have found it’s dwelling on religion a curve ball they don’t seem to have much intellectual access to. I imagine that other that the séance-like interfaith meetings at the local Unitarian “thing” they wouldn’t recognize real religious intolerance if it bit them.

Retreating to their “happy place”, repetition becomes their friend - a sort of harkening back to their childhoods in 2003.

So when Iranian bloggers and their readers think the international press’ coverage sucks, it’s yet another sign that the elevator isn’t quite going up to the top floor in media manor.

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