Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Europe's Cavalier Treatment of Solidarnosc's Heroes

After years behind the Soviets' iron curtain, they were expecting a warmer reunion with the Europe which was so dear to their hearts
writes Rafaële Rivais;
all [the Polish euro-MPs] heard was sarcasm about the "Polish plumber".

… their candidate for [the European Parliament's] helm, former dissident Bronislaw Geremek, a symbol of the fight against communist totalitarianism, was not elected
The article notes that (Western) Europeans remain ignorant of Eastern European history; those haughty Europeans, you will remember, are those who are always giving history lessons to Americans; who are always presenting heroics as opposing Bush, Washington, and America; and who are presenting Poland's rightist politicians as the new bogeymen to fear in Europe today.
En 1939, les Français n'ont pas voulu mourir pour Dantzig, et maintenant ils ne veulent pas perdre leur temps pour Gdansk !

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